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Seamless Gutters  Lexington KY

Affordable Windows and Siding uses only the best materials available within the Gutter industry. We install Seamless Gutters which can range in length from inches to 100 feet. Our large color selection provides homeowners and contractors with the ability to match Gutters and Downspouts to Exterior Siding, Brick, and/or Trim. Jobs are backed by our 4 year guarantee on labor and limited lifetime on materials.

       Only The Best Material:5

  • High quality Gutter Coil
  • Large Color Selection.
  • Premium Leaf Guards (please see "Leaf Relief" page)
  • Strong hidden hangers for strength and appearance. Spike and ferrule installations just do not hold up over time and the spikes are visible.
  • Premium Gutter Sealant (most companies use window and door sealants instead of the more expensive sealants specially formulated for gutter seams).



        Products Offered:

  • Gutter Size  5" & 6" K style for appearance, strength and function.
  • Downspout Size 2x3" or 3x4" for special applications.
  • Leaf Relief Gutter Protection
  • Numerous Colors Available


         Seamless Rain Gutter Installation Methodology:

  1. All gutters are installed using hidden screw hangers spaced approximately every 16 inches apart. 
  2. Levels are used to ensure gutters have proper pitch to ensure proper drainage. 
  3. Preformed mitres are used for corner transitions which are double sealed and fastened using painted zip screws.
  4. Premium gutter sealant is used to seal the seams at end caps and mitres.
  5. When possible, downspouts are installed using hidden clips as opposed to wrap around straps. This is stronger and downspouts can be removed easily for painting behind etc.
  6.  2-story downspouts require a minimum of 3 clips, some companies use only 2.


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