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Replacement Windows Can Actually Save You Money in Lexington KY

Replacement Windows Can Actually Save You Money in Lexington KY


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Are you thinking about replacing your old, drafty windows in Lexington KY? As far as home improvements you can make, it is a very smart investment. If you take the federal tax credit, the increase to the value of your Lexington KY home and the savings from energy efficiency, replacement windows can easily pay for themselves in 10 to 15 years’ time.


It is estimated that up to a third of the heat loss or gain in Lexington KY homes leaks through the windows. Single pane windows are especially wasteful, and the problem of drafty windows sometimes just cannot be fixed without replacing them. You could save a lot of money on your heating and cooling bills in Lexington KY by replacing your old, drafty windows, and if you make the right choices you could also beautify the exterior of your Lexington KY home.


What To Know For Window Replacements in Lexington KY


Now that you've decided to replace your Lexington KY windows, the question becomes what type of window should you buy? What features make for the best replacement window? Energy savings should be your first priority, but here are a couple of things to consider about your new window purchase.


Better Window and Overall Aesthetics for Lexington KY Homes


A Lexington KY home that is well maintained and cared for says a lot about the people who live there. Old windows can deceive your home's age and can really affect the overall character of your home. Replacing your old windows is a little like giving your home a face lift. It is a simple procedure that could take years off your home, make it more enjoyable to be in, and even boost its value. New replacement windows can also improve the lighting and block out more sound.


Increase Protection for Your Lexington KY Home



Your windows should help provide a protective seal against the natural elements. Water in particular can do extensive damage even the slightest leak can cause serious problems and your windows should help keep the possible dangers of rainstorms, etc. at bay. Some windows can even help cut down on noise pollution, so that you can better enjoy the peace and quiet of your Lexington KY home.


In addition, better quality windows can help protect the inside of your home against fading and sun damage to carpets, drapes, furniture, and even pictures.


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