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So what's the truth about super low price vinyl replacement window advertisements?

The truth about low priced vinyl replacement window advertisements.


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Have you been wondering what the cost would be to replace your windows with new vinyl ones?

You may have looked in Home Depot or Lowes, but those prices don't include delivery, insulation, custom sizing, labor to install, taxes, permit fees, and disposal of your old windows. Also, you may need rotting wood replaced, new trim stops, or the wood frame on the outside to be wrapped.

The following is quoted directly from Cost Helper Online.

  • Expect to pay an average of $300-$700 per window for replacements placed inside existing (and structurally intact) window frames. Double- and triple-glazed windows, or those filled with argon gas increase energy savings but bump the cost to the higher end of the scale.
  • The most energy saving windows available can even be as much as $1000 - $1500 per window for a triple pane, krypton gas, 4 coated Low E insulated unit.
  • If the existing window frame is rotted or damaged in any way, the frame must be rebuilt. This are called new construction windows, and can cost as much as 50-100 percent more than replacement windows.

So if Cost Helper maintains that newly installed vinyl windows typically run $300 - $700, then how do some companies advertise to install windows any size for $189?

Do some companies really provide new windows installed for under $200?

Let's reference these quotes from a lengthy article at REPLACMENT CONTRACTOR ONLINE

"When directly asked by REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR to respond to the charge that they practice bait-and-switch tactics and are deceiving consumers with their advertising, executives from three major low-price companies firmly denied it. “Our $185 window is the one we walk in the home with,” says Gardner, of Clear Choice."

"In fact, the low-price window is always available to customers. But it's a generic double-hung window that comes with no insulating gas, no low-E coating, no capping, nor any of the features typically included as part of the price of a vinyl replacement window that more typically sells for anywhere from $450 to $700. These add-ons must be — and nine times out of 10, are — ordered by the homeowner."

“I would guess that 10% to 15% of our windows are sold at $189,” offers Whitworth, CEO of Window World, Inc. "

"And though the price in Window World advertising is “$189 installed,” that installation would have to be relatively primitive, since a separate 'Miscellaneous' portion of the Window World price sheet lists various extra charges including sill or jamb repair ($45), sill or jamb replacement ($125), custom exterior trim ($50), etc. In addition, there is a “measuring and landfill disposal fee” of $100 for the total job."

"Clearly, while some portion of the windows sold by Window World, Clear Choice, and Window Depot USA are sold at their advertised price, the great majority are not. “If you want to make money in this business, you can't live on $185,” concedes Clear Choice dealer Cassidy."

"Traditional window companies wonder about the quality of an installation that takes half as much time. “You're pulling out the trim stops, pushing in four screws, you caulk it up and go,” notes Talmon, of Larmco Windows. "

"To make sufficient margin on the low-price sale, Kelly, who was paying his regular installers an average of $70 per opening, needed to find subcontractors who would install for half that. He couldn't. I interviewed a lot of folks I could pay $35 to, like a lot of the low-price,” he says. “But I couldn't feel good about putting them out there with my name attached.” Ultimately, he ended up using his regular installation crews — “they'd just change out their hats and shirts” — at their regular rates. That cut his already “razor-thin” margins to unsustainable levels."


So what's the truth about super low price vinyl window advertisements?

The truth is that the companies that advertise their windows price have no intentions of selling you the window they advertise. The CEO of one company even admitted that they could never stay in business at that price, and that only 10 to 15 percent of homeowners ever buy the window advertised. These companies advertise a super low price in order to get in the door and then convince you to purchase add-ons that would be standard features on a window you get at Affordable Windows and Siding.

When you hire Affordable Windows and Siding to install your windows, you get everything included with NO hidden charges or surprises. When we give you a price, it will not change during the installation, even if we come across rotting wood inside the frame (it's included!).

Our prices are very reasonable and affordable, so send us a quick inquiry and tell us about your situation! Our advice is free, so go ahead and ask us, your home is in good hands with us.


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