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Making the Exterior of Your Lexington KY Home Stylish with Vinyl Siding

Making the Exterior of Your Lexington KY Home Stylish with Vinyl Siding

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Lexington KY homes today are now more sophisticated in terms of the exteriors as characterized by the different styles of roofing and outer walls, which now use vinyl siding. It adds to the aesthetics of your Lexington KY home’s exteriors since it can be installed with the color and design of your choice. This saves you the concern of having your house painted and spares you from the paint’s obscene and dangerous smell. The use of the vinyl exterior started in the 1950s and it is now being used more and more instead of the traditional materials.


The structure of Affordable Windows and Siding in Lexington KY vinyl siding is exceptional with regards to its durability and thickness. The thinnest vinyl exterior used in Lexington KY today’s homes can be classified as builder’s grade. It has a measurement of only .040 mm. As the thickness of the vinyl exterior increases, the cost naturally gets more. However, when it is made thicker, the more it can withstand the elements and the harshness of normal wear and tear. As it is, the material is already very durable, and because vinyl is made of plastic, it also has a reasonably longer lifespan. It likewise adds depth to the structure’s overall design and appeal.


However the product may look the same from manufacturer to manufacturer, the chemicals used may be different during its production which may affect the lifespan of the product. The Ultraviolet coating may also vary depending on how much the manufacturers coated the vinyl siding. The more expensive the vinyl exterior is, the more resistant it is to weather conditions in Lexington KY as well as to color fading. The vinyl siding is fastened to the exterior wall with its own fastening system alongside with the nails. With regards to the effects on the environment in Lexington KY, the vinyl exterior is more eco-friendly than an aluminum siding because it requires less energy. With all of encouraging attributes, the only drawback is that it cannot be recycled particularly if it was manufactured using the old technology because only new kinds of vinyl siding are specifically-designed to be recycled. Yet it may be more effective than a wood siding, it is also flammable. And when it is burned, it emits a toxic gas called dioxins which are hazardous to the people around Lexington KY.


To have an effective and safe vinyl siding in Lexington KY, installation of such should be done by professionals at Affordable Windows and Siding who have had training on how to properly install vinyl siding. The problems that mostly affect this vinyl exterior is weather-related such as cracking because of extreme cold; color fading due to extreme heat; and unfastening of the vinyl exterior because of strong winds. To prevent such snags, choose those vinyl sidings that are industry tested for color fading; weather resistant; and if it is thick enough as specified in the industry standard. And lastly, when having vinyl siding installed by contractors, it is also wise to read installation manuals to be able to also check if the installation done was correct.


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