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Is vinyl siding expensive?

Is vinyl siding expensive?

You've probably been curious about how much vinyl siding will cost to put on your home. Most homeowners have no clue what it costs because contractors have a very difficult time quoting one exact price for all.

You also need to realize that there is a difference between price and cost.


Vinyl Siding Price

Vinyl siding comes in different grades, and the thickness or the quality of the panel will determine the price of it. The cost of the actual panels of siding are actually just a small part of the total price that will be charged to install. Here is the typical list of materials needed to side a home.

  1. Siding panels
  2. J-Channel
  3. F-Channel
  4. Soffit
  5. Fascia
  6. Coil-Stock
  7. Cornerposts
  8. Starter strip
  9. Nails
  10. Caulk/Sealant
  11. House wrap (Tyvek)
  12. Backer Board
  13. Utility trim
  14. Finish trim
  15. Lineals
  16. Gable Vents
  17. J-Boxes (for fixtures and outlets)

These are the bare basic materials needed to side nearly every home. All of these of course add up, and depending on the quality you select, each item will cost more or less.

Materials will all be taxed, so be sure to add that into consideration, as well as delivery charges to your home. If you have existing siding that will need to be removed, a dumpster may be needed as well. Permits are sometimes needed as well.

There are a number of tools and equipment required to install siding also, such as:

  1. Multiple ladders
  2. Chalk Line
  3. Hammer or Nailgun
  4. Levels
  5. Hand snips
  6. Saws
  7. Carpenter Square
  8. Metal Brake
  9. Tarps
  10. Utility blade

The final portion of determining the cost will be the labor aspect of it. Often the labor can cost more than the materials itself. A highly qualified and expert siding installation crew may cost much more than a do-it-all handyman, but the job can typically be done faster, better, and flawlessly.

I can almost guarantee that you can take a drive around your neighborhood and find poorly sided homes immediately. See those warping siding panels, cracks, mismatched color, and fading colors? Yup, that's because of poor installation and poor research.


UGLY Results

I'm pretty sure that you do not want a bad siding job, especially after you've spent good money on improving it. Vinyl siding can actually be quite reasonably priced, but you have to be sure you are getting good quality materials and experts installing it or you will end up unhappy and frustrated at the result.

Typical Installed pricing of vinyl siding in Central Ky runs approximately:

  • $1.60 - $1.90 per square foot for low-grade/cheap labor
  • $2.00 - $2.20 per square foot for mid-grade/skilled labor
  • $2.30 - $2.50 per square foot for high-grade/skilled labor.

Anything more expensive than those figures would either be the result of a more complicated home, or an overpriced siding company (believe me there are more than a few of them in Central Ky and we know all their prices).

Vinyl Siding Cost

The actual cost of vinyl siding can be very affordable if good quality materials are used and it's installed expertly. Sometimes you have to pay a little more than you expected in the beginning, but it can be totally worth it in the end because you won't ever have to do it again. If you purchase cheap siding and hire the cheapest workers, you can almost guarantee your home to look like one of the pictures above. It may look great the day it's put on but give it a year or two and you'll see all the flaws. By that time, the contractor is long gone and you're left with the mess.

By using a great product and having installed properly, you can rest assured that you're siding will look amazing even decades down the road, which ultimately make it a lower cost than the cheap stuff.


You can always tell a job when it's done by an expert using great materials; it just always looks great. It catches your eye and it leaves you staring at how beautiful it is. Isn't this what you want for your home? Your home is most likely your most valuable asset and you shouldn't trust with just anyone.


The results speak for themselves

When think of the benefits of using higher quality siding, installed by a team of people that know what they're doing, the cost of siding can be less than the cheap stuff. Don't settle for someone who doesn't care about your home, give our company a try because we're professionals and we're affordable.

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